Have Your Say!

There will be a guided walk on Saturday 24 March, starting from the car-park at 2.15 pm, to explain and discuss our plans for the project, including in the walled garden. Please join in and have a say on the future of your Park!


Days Gone By

We are always interested in memories and photos of the Park because they help us to understand and respect the history of the place and the people who lived and worked here.

They also provide valuable information to guide our conservation and restoration work. For example this is Gwenonwy Owen’s description of the grounds when her father, Bishop John Owen, was in residence, 1897 – 1926.

“We had three gardens. The small one and a very large and well-cultivated one in which were the greenhouses and a big garden near the station for the potatoes and some fruit. We grew pineapples for years until it became too expensive. Also we had a lovely vine-house, divided into two parts so that there was a sequence of grapes. Another small house had orchids and lots of maidenhair fern growing in it. Yet another house had flowers such as camellias and in one corner was an orange tree – the oranges were bitter though!”

Last summer the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, helped by many enthusiastic volunteers, carried out a survey of what remains in the walled kitchen garden, described by Gwenonwy. The report will be available on the Trust’s website (see below) by the end of this month.

But does anyone remember that big garden by the station?  If so, please get in touch!


Tree Surveys

Before we can start work on the trees in the Park in September Jim Unwin will carry out some more surveys and assessments. He will be on site at the end of March.


Keeping in Touch

This bulletin will be updated monthly, but if you need more information then go to our Contact Page . Or you can phone a member of the project team on 01558 825992, or 01570 422380.

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