Saving the Bishop’s Park

Despite its importance and long history, over recent years the Bishop’s Park has gone through a period of decline, as the resources needed for its upkeep were unavailable. Consequently concern grew amongst the local community that this much loved and used park might be lost as a place of enjoyment.


The Park Lodge around 1910
Courtesy of Carmarthenshire Museums


The Lodge in 2014

The Tywi Gateway Project is an exciting and direct response to this concern.

Our project is a unique partnership between the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust and the owners of the land that makes up the Bishop’s Park – The Representative Body of the Church in Wales and Carmarthenshire County Council.

The project aims to work with the local community to restore the Bishop’s Park to its former grandeur and to set in place a management structure to ensure the park remains at the heart of the community with a long and exciting future ahead of it.

Under the guidance of the Carmarthenshire Branch of the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust our project has been successful in obtaining financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the project.  This funding has allowed us to work with specialist contractors over the coming months to produce the required plans and strategies needed for a future Heritage Lottery Fund application for a grant to undertake the restoration.

The project aims to ensure that the Bishop’s Park remains a place that brings great pleasure to both the local community and visitors to the area alike and that it becomes a centre of learning and activity for visitors of all ages and abilities.

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