Phase 2 – Autumn 2019


The Trust is now ready to implement the next phase of tree work at the Bishop’s Park. Working again with local arborists Extreme Tree Services we will be continuing the restoration of this nationally significant park and garden, creating better conditions for the fabulous historical and specimen trees across the site; aiding the restoration of our listed structures; providing new planting and habitat opportunities; and maintaining the park as a safe and exciting place to visit.

From September 23rd Stuart, Dan and Harry will be selectively clearing self-sown scrub trees along the ha-ha, one of the most impressive landscape features in the park. This 315-metre retaining wall was constructed in the early 19th Century to provide uninterrupted views from the estate into the stunning Tywi Valley beyond, views that have been completely lost over a number of decades. Once complete this clearance work, and the conservation stonework to follow, will reinstate a major aspect of the park’s unique character, which is also unique to the Tywi Valley.

Unfortunately ash dieback continues to wreak havoc across the region, and all ash trees at the park have become infected. As a consequence it is necessary for us to remove them to maintain a safe environment for visitors. We hope for this work to be carried out in November. It is vital that all landowners are aware of their responsibilities regarding ash dieback, and that they take all appropriate health and safety measures.

We here at the Trust are incredibly excited to be restoring the park, bringing its history vividly to life while maintaining it as an enjoyable place to visit for years to come. We apologise for any inconvenience this tree work may cause but urge you to abide by all signs and instructions while work is undertaken. If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the project, please feel free to contact us.

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